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With a great range of bookcases available to suit all storage needs and to fit all types of spaces, you are sure to find a stylish bookcase that will be a smart and practical addition to any living room.

For a stunning contemporary look, the Urban Chic range has a lot to offer. From large to low designs and a piece ideal for alcoves, Urban Chic designs, as the name suggests, are stylish pieces across the board – there is even an Alcove Bookcase with drawers. Equally impressive are the range of cube designs from the Camberley Oak collection. These are distinctive pieces that also have a really modern feel.

For a more conventional look, Camberley Oak also has small and large bookcases that feature the added benefit of a single drawer, offering you further storage options. Similar choices are available in rich dark oak from the London Dark Oak range, and if you prefer a painted look, the Ascot Large Bookcase features two drawers at the foot of the unit. The stone white painted finish is complemented superbly by the piece’s solid oak top.

Bookcases to suit all tastes, needs and to match all design interiors are the order of the day with our impressive range of bookcases.

  • Special Offer
    Coleford Low Bookcase with 2 Drawers  H 106 x W 83.5 x D 38cm
     H 41¾ x W 33 x D 15inch
    Normal Price: £449.00 now..
    CMO015 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Coleford Tall Bookcase with 1 Drawer  H 185.5 x W 83.5 x D 38cm
     H 73¼ x W 33 x D 15inch
    Normal Price: £675.00 now..
    CMO016 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Venice Low Shelf Unit  H 85.5 x W 100 x D 35cm
     H 33¾ x W 39½ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £435.00 now..
    VRN020 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Venice Tall Shelf Unit with Drawer  H 180.5 x W 90 x D 35cm
     H 71¼ x W 35½ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £755.00 now..
    VRN021 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Waverly Oak Wide Bookcase  H 80 x W 100 x D 31cm
     H 31½ x W 39½ x D 12¼inch
    Normal Price: £249.00 now..
    WAV-BOK1000 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Shiro Walnut Low Bookcase  H 80 x W 100 x D 30cm
     H 31½ x W 39½ x D 12inch
    Normal Price: £539.00 now..
    CDR01B In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Shiro Walnut Large 2 Drawer Bookcase  H 178 x W 88 x D 31cm
     H 70¼ x W 34¾ x D 12¼inch
    Normal Price: £849.00 now..
    CDR01A In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan DVD / CD Storage Chest  H 100 x W 60 x D 30cm
     H 39½ x W 23¾ x D 12inch
    Normal Price: £599.00 now..
    CWC17B In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan Open DVD / CD Storage Cabinet  H 115 x W 70 x D 20cm
     H 45½ x W 27¾ x D 8inch
    Normal Price: £525.00 now..
    CWC17A In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan Walnut 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet  H 124.5 x W 55 x D 55cm
     H 49¼ x W 21¾ x D 21¾inch
    Normal Price: £869.00 now..
    CWC07B In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan Walnut Narrow Bookcase  H 180 x W 50 x D 30cm
     H 71 x W 19¾ x D 12inch
    Normal Price: £739.00 now..
    CWC01F In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan Walnut Large Glazed Bookcase  H 170 x W 85 x D 40cm
     H 67 x W 33½ x D 15¾inch
    Normal Price: £1,059.00 now..
    CWC01D In Stock