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A dresser is a versatile furniture piece that will look stunning in any dining room and can easily be placed in a kitchen to great effect.

As usual, your choice across the collections is vast in terms of the look, from light oak to dark oak to beautiful painted finishes. The dressers on offer will help you to create a classic, traditional feel for the dining room or the kitchen. However, contemporary and modern looks are also available - the designs available are timeless.

Furthermore, the combinations on offer in terms of drawer, shelf and cupboard space are equally extensive. In short, whatever your tastes and needs are, there will be a dresser to suit.

The London Dark Oak Large Dresser/Sideboard with Top boasts nine drawers, two cupboards as well as various display shelves. It’s a piece that will definitely become a real feature in any home. Small and medium-sized dresser/sideboard combinations are available in several ranges, from the light oak of Waverly Oak, to the painted finishes of Ascot and Devon.

Built to last with expert craftsmanship and featuring an array of stylish handles and hard-wearing lacquer finishes as standard, the range of Dressers includes some stunning furniture pieces.