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DVD & CD Storage

A wide range of smart units are on offer to allow you to display your favourite CDs and DVDs in style.

The Waverly Oak range, in beautiful light oak, boasts tall and narrow CD and DVD racks that will fit neatly into any space. A larger DVD Rack Quad is also available, and if you prefer to store your media away from view, there is also the option of a stylish two-door cabinet. The top of the piece is also the perfect home for a photo frame or vase.

The Mobel Oak range contains two impressive pieces perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs. There is a stylish storage cupboard and also a highly impressive Multi-Drawer CD/DVD Storage Chest. Again, the top of the unit would be perfect to display other items on.

For a classic, more traditional look, the La Roque CD/DVD Cupboard is an elegant and appealing unit.

  • Special Offer
    Camberley Oak DVD/CD 3 Shelf Unit  H 95 x W 33 x D 17.5cm
     H 37½ x W 13 x D 7inch
    Normal Price: £129.00 now..
    CA5001 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Camberley Oak DVD and CD Storage Unit 10 Drawers  H 109 x W 46 x D 35cm
     H 43 x W 18¼ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £299.00 now..
    CA5006 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Camberley Oak DVD and CD Storage Unit 9 Drawers  H 65 x W 71 x D 36.5cm
     H 25¾ x W 28 x D 14½inch
    Normal Price: £299.00 now..
    CA5007 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Waverly Oak CD Rack  H 119 x W 40 x D 18.5cm
     H 47 x W 15¾ x D 7½inch
    Normal Price: £149.00 now..
    WAV-CD-D In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Waverly Oak DVD Rack  H 119 x W 40 x D 18.5cm
     H 47 x W 15¾ x D 7½inch
    Normal Price: £159.00 now..
    WAV-DVD-D Out of stock
  • Expected back in stock 06/06/2022
    Special Offer
    Waverly Oak DVD Cabinet  H 122 x W 50 x D 22cm
     H 48¼ x W 19¾ x D 8¾inch
    Normal Price: £199.00 now..
    WAV-DVD-CAB Pre-order now
  • Special Offer
    Cotswold CD/DVD Storage Unit  H 131.5 x W 70 x D 17.5cm
     H 52 x W 27¾ x D 7inch
    Normal Price: £299.00 now..
    COT-CDDVD Out of stock
  • New
    Mobel Oak Dvd Storage Cupboard  H 128.8 x W 49 x D 20.5cm
     H 50¾ x W 19½ x D 8¼inch
    Normal Price: £466.44 now..
    COR17B In Stock
  • New
    Mobel Oak Multi-Drawer Dvd / Cd Storage Chest  H 104.3 x W 41.6 x D 31.5cm
     H 41¼ x W 16½ x D 12½inch
    Normal Price: £653.64 now..
    COR17C Out of stock
  • Special Offer
    La Roque CD/DVD Cupboard  H 130.5 x W 52 x D 23cm
     H 51½ x W 20½ x D 9¼inch
    Normal Price: £778.44 now..
    IMR17A In Stock
  • New
    Urban Chic Entertainment Cabinet  H 91 x W 60 x D 35.5cm
     H 36 x W 23¾ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £575.64 now..
    IRF09A In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Mayan Walnut 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet  H 124.5 x W 55 x D 55cm
     H 49¼ x W 21¾ x D 21¾inch
    Normal Price: £1,028.04 now..
    CWC07B In Stock