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Sideboards & Tops

Sideboards are versatile pieces that will look stunning in a kitchen, living room or hallway, as well as in the dining room.

The Sideboards and Tops range contains a variety of pieces of all sizes, offering a range of storage options with spacious drawers and cupboard spaces. All pieces feature a hard-wearing lacquer finish that will help protect against scratches and knocks, as well as bringing out a glossy shine to the finish – be it solid oak, real oak with oak veneer or a painted finish.

All designs are matched with beautiful handles that, again, are the perfect complement to the wood finish of each style.

Although coming in a variety of sizes, all the sideboards are not too deep – meaning that they can easily accommodated around the home without being obtrusive. The space on the sideboard tops should not be underestimated either, offering as it does plenty of space to display treasured items, such as photo frames, ornaments and vases.

Many ranges also offer sideboard tops that can be fixed on top of the sideboard unit to create a truly stunning look – and more storage and display solutions.