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A blanket box is a versatile furniture piece that is always a welcome addition in the home. Not only a great way of hiding away bulky items, from bed linen to towels and even cuddly toys, a blanket box can be placed at the foot of the bed or against a wall to excellent effect. With the addition of matching cushions, a sumptuous and luxurious look is easily achieved.

The Blanket Boxes range has much to offer. The Expedition range, as the name suggests, offers a classic trunk design. It’s a traditional look that looks eye-catching in the bedroom.

The combination of soft painted finishes and oak tops is a key feature of the Ascot and Devon ranges, and it’s a combination that looks stunning on these generously sized blanket boxes.

The light oak tones of Waverly Oak and Camberley Oak would be a perfect complement to other pieces from the collections, but are equally stunning in the bedroom as standalone pieces. The London Dark Oak Blanket Box is another standout piece from the collection.

All blanket boxes have the benefit of dovetail joints and hard-wearing lacquer coat to add protection and a glossy shine to the finish.

  • Special Offer
    Cheltenham Blanket Box  H 52 x W 91 x D 47.5cm
     H 20½ x W 36 x D 18¾inch
    Normal Price: £285.00 now..
    CMB008 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Waverly Oak Blanket Box  H 51 x W 100 x D 46cm
     H 20¼ x W 39½ x D 18¼inch
    Normal Price: £233.00 now..
    WAV-BLA1000 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    London Dark Oak Blanket Box  H 52 x W 90 x D 46cm
     H 20½ x W 35½ x D 18¼inch
    Normal Price: £265.00 now..
    ZR151 Out of stock
  • Special Offer
    Chichester Oak Blanket Box  H 50 x W 100 x D 50cm
     H 19¾ x W 39½ x D 19¾inch
    Normal Price: £380.00 now..
    CHI-BB In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Buxton Blanket Box  H 45 x W 90 x D 40cm
     H 17¾ x W 35½ x D 15¾inch
    Normal Price: £239.00 now..
    BUX-BLA In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Warwick Blanket Box  H 45 x W 90 x D 40cm
     H 17¾ x W 35½ x D 15¾inch
    Normal Price: £209.00 now..
    WAR-BLA In Stock
  • Clearance
    Expedition Storage Trunk (Brown)  H 47 x W 116 x D 58cm
     H 18½ x W 45¾ x D 23inch
    Normal Price: £249.00 now..
    TRU-COFF-V Out of stock
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