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Ascot Painted Range

Ascot Painted Range

The Ascot Painted Range is a popular, practical and versatile range of stylish solid oak, oak veneer and birch wood furniture. With 30 different pieces to choose from, the Ascot Painted Range will complement any home and all types of interiors. Both traditional and contemporary looks suit the Ascot Range. Similarly, if you want to create a relaxed look, or something a bit more formal, this collection will fit the bill perfectly.

The wide choice within the collection means that you’ll find an Ascot piece fit for all rooms in the home. From the living room to the dining room to the bedroom, this attractively designed range features beautiful pieces for them all.

As well as having a fantastic look, the Ascot Painted Range is particularly practical and versatile. Many pieces could have several possible uses around the home. Whether it’s a large feature piece of furniture, such as a king size bed or a dining table; or smaller functional pieces, such as lamp tables or console tables, you will find the Ascot Painted Range will suit all needs.

With the Ascot range, it’s the stone white painted finish complementing the solid oak, oak veneers and birch wood that draws the eye. Dovetail joints, brushed-steel handles and a protective lacquer finish ensure that the Ascot look is immaculate and impressive.

For a versatile and appealing design style in your home, the Ascot Painted Range has it all.

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  • New
    Ascot Large Fixed Dining Table  H 76 x W 150 x D 90cm
     H 30 x W 59¼ x D 35½inch
    Normal Price: £522.00 now..
    ASC-TABL In Stock
  • New
    Ascot Small Sideboard Top  H 107 x W 100 x D 35cm
     H 42¼ x W 39½ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £431.00 now..
    ASC-SSBT Out of stock
  • New
    Ascot Painted Large Dresser - Sideboard with Top  H 190 x W 139 x D 43cm
     H 75 x W 54¾ x D 17inch
    Normal Price: £1,224.00 now..
    ASC-DREL In Stock
  • New
    Ascot Large Sideboard  H 83 x W 139 x D 43cm
     H 32¾ x W 54¾ x D 17inch
    Normal Price: £630.00 now..
    ASC-LSB Out of stock
  • New
    Ascot Large Sideboard Top  H 107 x W 139 x D 35cm
     H 42¼ x W 54¾ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £594.00 now..
    ASC-LSBT Out of stock
  • New
    Ascot Large Bookcase  H 190 x W 89 x D 30cm
     H 75 x W 35¼ x D 12inch
    Normal Price: £522.00 now..
    ASC-BOKL In Stock
  • New
    Ascot Console Table  H 77 x W 85 x D 35cm
     H 30½ x W 33½ x D 14inch
    Normal Price: £282.00 now..
    ASC-CON Out of stock
  • New
    Ascot Lamp Table  H 60 x W 50 x D 41cm
     H 23¾ x W 19¾ x D 16¼inch
    Normal Price: £143.00 now..
    ASC-LAM In Stock
  • New
    Ascot 4 Drawer Coffee Table  H 45 x W 110 x D 60cm
     H 17¾ x W 43½ x D 23¾inch
    Normal Price: £378.00 now..
    ASC-COF In Stock
  • New
    Ascot Nest of Tables  H 48 x W 52 x D 36cm
     H 19 x W 20½ x D 14¼inch
    Normal Price: £222.00 now..
    ASC-NEST In Stock
  • New
    Ascot Large TV Unit  H 50 x W 145 x D 42cm
     H 19¾ x W 57¼ x D 16¾inch
    Normal Price: £414.00 now..
    ASC-TVL Out of stock
  • New
    Ascot Corner TV Unit  H 54 x W 98 x D 45cm
     H 21½ x W 38¾ x D 17¾inch
    Normal Price: £323.00 now..
    ASC-TVC In Stock
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