Desk Drawers

For sturdy, durable but very stylish home office storage, the Camberley Oak range includes two attractive desk drawers.

One of the biggest challenges of any home office or study space is keeping things neat, tidy and organised, and this is why desk drawers are so useful. The Camberley Oak 2 Drawer Desk Cabinet is spacious without being cumbersome, affording generous drawer space in the shape of one larger drawer to the bottom, with a slightly smaller one above. This provides versatility along with the sleek design with clean lines, and its light oak is complemented superbly by smooth brushed-steel handles.

The Camberley Oak 3 Drawer Cabinet comes with the same dimensions, but features 3 drawers of equal size.

The quality light oak of these designs will complement all interior designs. Easily blended with all sorts of colour schemes, these desk drawers are stylish units that can be coordinated with any light oak furniture pieces, but would look equally impressive as standalone pieces in any home office space.

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