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Nest of Tables

The superb range of solid oak, oak and oak veneer and painted nest of tables that are available in our collections will elevate any room with their stylish looks and practical benefits.

All the nest of tables across the ranges will provide handy extra surfaces or table space when necessary, without taking up too much space. Each nest can be split and stored as separate pieces. Equally, they can stored neatly and snuggly together in their attractive nests.

What you essentially have with a nest of tables is a handy set of occasional lamp tables, coffee tables and side tables all in one. What you also have with the nest of tables available across the collection are some highly attractive pieces of stylish furniture.

Whether you prefer the darker, classic tones of London Dark Oak, La Roque or Rochester Oak, or light oak such as Camberley Oak and Waverly Oak – they are all quality oak pieces that will lift any space.

Alternatively, stylish nest of tables are available in the painted ranges, Ascot and Devon and the contemporary style of Urban Chic.

  • Special Offer
    Clifton Oak Painted Nest of 2 Tables  H 50 x W 60 x D 40cm
     H 19¾ x W 23¾ x D 15¾inch
    Normal Price: £125.00 now..
    CLF-NEST2 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Camberley Oak Large Nest of 3 Tables  H 53 x W 62 x D 46cm
     H 21 x W 24½ x D 18¼inch
    Normal Price: £225.00 now..
    CA2405 In Stock
  • Special Offer
    Cotswold Nest of 3 Tables  H 51 x W 62 x D 44cm
     H 20¼ x W 24½ x D 17½inch
    Normal Price: £279.00 now..
    COT-NEST In Stock
  • New
    Mobel Oak Nest Of 3 Coffee Tables  H 47 x W 62 x D 46cm
     H 18½ x W 24½ x D 18¼inch
    Normal Price: £274.00 now..
    COR08A In Stock
  • New
    Urban Chic Nest of Tables  H 48.5 x W 60 x D 42cm
     H 19¼ x W 23¾ x D 16¾inch
    Normal Price: £240.00 now..
    IRF08A Out of stock
  • Special Offer
    La Roque Nest of Coffee Tables  H 47 x W 62 x D 46cm
     H 18½ x W 24½ x D 18¼inch
    Normal Price: £402.00 now..
    IMR08B In Stock