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Corner Units

Regardless of the room, one key consideration of modern living is to save space or to create the impression of space around the home. One of the best ways to save on space is with corner units, specially designed to fit neatly into any corner. The collections boast a wide variety of corner units that will look stylish in any living room.

The Waverly Oak Compact Corner Display Unit provides a cupboard space and display top, perfect for vases or photo frames. Alternatively, a Waverly Oak Corner Top can be partnered with the corner unit to provide further display shelves.

Further options include the Waverly Oak Low Corner Cupboard with Shelf, which offers a greater amount of space. This can also be partnered with an impressive Low Corner Unit Top, which looks particularly elegant with its glass door.

The Corner Units range provides practicality with bags of style too – an elegant addition to the corner of the living room.