Racking it up…

With the trend for less time spent in the pub and more time socialising in the home the wine rack has come back into fashion.

Traditional wine was stored on its side because it was said to prevent the cork from drying out however this theory has been disproven by scientists in recent years. However in the home storing wine in a wine rack still does have its advantages:

Wine rackwine rack

Neat and compact

Storing wine bottles in a wine rack helps to create order and definition of space within your kitchen or dining room. With many versions available to purchase you can choose the ideal one to fit the space you have and your consumption rate.

See what you have

There is nothing worse than over buying – well in all departments other than chocolate in my book any way. Having a wine rack for specifically storing your wine bottle collection lets you see at a glance what you have in stock.

Make a feature

If creative display is what you have in mind then why not buy a feature style wine rack that shows off your bottle collection – there are many wall mounted and table top versions available. Look for a display rack that compliments your décor so whether you choose wood, metal, clay or acrylic there is something available for your interior design style.

wine rackWine rack

Settling down

Storing red wine in particular on its side helps to let the sediment settle in the bottle meaning that less sediment gets poured into your glass.


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wine rack