Bring on the WidescreenSpring Ok Tv

Buying a new widescreen TV will give you a few things to think about, afterall there are many important considerations beyond mere style and colour. As you start to shop for your new TV’s unit, make sure to consider how much space you need for all your equipment, will the cables be visible, adequate size of the unit, and more.

Cut the clutter

Think about all the equipment your stand will need to accommodate, Do you have a DVD, Blue Ray, Satellite TV box, Sound bar, games console etc to consider?

One aspect that is so often forgotten is cable clutter. With so many different pieces of equipment to be stored and used in and around your TV cables can often become a tangled mess and create a cluttered look.

TV stands with closed backs keep cable clutter out of sight, but you’re going to need enough holes/ a large enough hole to take all the wires you have to accommodate - wire management is key.


Size does matter

Think about the size of your TV and how big of a TV stand you will need. Make sure the top of the TV stand is deep and wide enough to hold your TV. TVs are getting bigger, and you may upgrade down the road, so keep in mind that you may need more room later.

Equipment can overheat if there isn’t enough room for it to breathe, so be certain there is ample room for all the devices to fit while also allowing for airflow.

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