valentinesTable for Two?

With Valentines fast approaching the dining room can become our focus. Wether its an intimate dinner for two or a family get together for 8 our dining space has to not only perform functionally but also look good.


Turn down the heat

What do you do with hot food when you bring it to the table? It is important what ever the surface to ensure that any hot dishes or plates wont mark your table surface. Placemats not only add style to your place settings and show the place for your guests to sit, but they are practical too, preventing your table from getting scratched, stained or damaged. There are a wide variety of options on the market with materials including melamine-coated MDF and cork, natural stone such as slate, raffia or basket weave and fabric ones made from linen or cotton to name a few. Most people opt for a cork-based mat to protect the surface of the table but always check the manufacturers recommendation when it comes to heat protection.


Add some drama

One way to add some drama to your table is to layer it up using a long table runner to unifying centrepieces with the rest of the table. Dependent on your style there are a variety on the market including embroidered, natural fibre and patterned runners that mix and match. A great idea I saw recently in a store display was to place multiple runners across the width of the table, creating a “placemat for two” for opposite guests to share.