springSpring is just around the corner

Spring is on its way even if it doesn’t feel so at times. Whist we may not all like cleaning, spring does bring on the mood for it. Spring cleaning is more about lightening the atmosphere in the home, lighten the mood and freshen up in every sense:

Visually add light

The spring with it longer daylight hours that are very welcome after the darker winter evenings. Light can literally lighten the mood and help to add the spring feeling, by cleaning the windows & throwing open the curtains you can let the light in.


Bring the outside in with smell

Add the fragrance of fresh spring flowers. Daffodils are a sure favourite and great on a budget.

Throw open the windows and let the sound of spring come in

The birds in the trees and the gentle breeze on a spring morning can freshen your mood. Letting in the fresh air also helps to ventilate the home.



springLighten the feeling

Lightening the mood with lighter weight fabrics, linens, cottons etc can help to bring the spring feeling in.  Whilst we may still need a cosy blanket nearby for the still somewhat chilly evenings, they are not necessary all the time.

Spring Forward

The thought of spring makes us want to plan for the future.  I’m not sure if it’s the thought of warmer days and baby lambs, but for some reason spring makes us look at our homes with fresh eyes.  Initially clearing the cobwebs can lead to decluttering but then before you know it out come the paint brushes. Traditionally a time for decorating, most start by clearing the clutter and things just get out of hand.


Creating clean surfaces helps to create a much lighter feeling in the home.  Clutter can be helped with clever storage solutions giving everything its own space. The hallway can often cause clutter with shoes, bags and coats. Check out the range of Hallowood Shoe Racks & Storage Units with prices starting from just £35 Spring is the perfect time to refresh your house with massively discounted furniture.