sideboardDo you have a sideboard?

However, you live, storage space is at a premium with every possible nook and cranny needing to be utilised (often to capacity). Out of all the storage items of furniture the humble sideboard is often overlooked, but why when it is so versatile?

sideboard diningAs we all know in the dining room

Usually found in the dining room the commonal garden sideboard is usually used to store wine glasses, serving dishes and the best china, it is also a great place to store vases, napkins, and the like. 

And sometimes in the living room

Now this can often be due to open plan living, but with the variety of drawers and cupboard space the sideboard makes a great TV unit; allowing storage for all the TV paraphernalia as well as games and DVDs. With more choices of width there can often be a perfect sideboard solution to fit your space perfectly. And to boot the taller viewing level can be good.

Why not use it in the bedroomsideboard

Used against a wall or at the end of a double bed a sideboard can make the perfect storage piece for a bedroom. The drawer/cupboard combination can be ideal for storing all manner of clothes, belts, and accessories. Make the most of the top space – the ideal height for a TV or use as a dressing table surface.

sideboard - bedroomNeed more than a console?

If you have a more traditional property with a spacious hall way then a sideboard can make a great focal piece, dressed with a statement mirror or picture and a vase of your favourite flowers. Hallways tend to be long narrower spaces so choosing a wider, shallower piece of furniture such as a sideboard can be a better use of the space. Use the larger storage spaces for shoes, school bags and the smaller areas for mail, keys etc.