Bagging a Bargain

Now that the Joy of Christmas is becoming a distant memory, we are bombarded with sale adverts on the TV, social media and newspapers. Are you tempted? Do you plan to get a sale bargain? So, if you are tempted, its best to have a plan before you hit the shops or the hit that buy it now button. Without a plan your purchases could go completely wrong.  


Set your budget

Before you even look, make sure that you know how much you actually have to spend. Afterall you don’t want to jeopardise the rest of the year by over stretching yourself. Also, its best to have a realistic idea of what these things cost – so when you get to the shops you have an idea of whether you are getting a bargain or paying over the odds.


Know your space

When buying larger items such as furniture a tape measure needs to be your friend. Afterall when looking in the shops where there is a lot more space than in our homes it can be hard to size up and judge whether something will fit. We have all stood there in the shop and thought “Yeah it will fit” only to get home and find out it won’t.

Flat pack furniture was invented in 1956 to make getting furniture home easier, but with the trend going back to solid built furniture whilst the issue of delivery is easily solved, access into the home can still be as issue.  

Through the front door – will your furniture purchase fit through the front door and internal doorways when it’s delivered? Or do you need to find and alternative access point such as patio doors or through a garage?

So, the Furniture is through the front door, but now it needs to find its forever home. Is the pathway clear or do you have immovable objects in the way? Immovable objects such as radiators, built in cupboards, narrow hallways, low ceilings, turns in the stair, bannisters etc need to be measured and accounted for.

Delivery access – Do you have an awkward driveway or a postcode that is hard to find? Do you live in an apartment? If so, some sneaky retailers charge extra for awkward delivery addresses so make sure you get a delivery cost rather than an estimate.


On Foot or Online?

Shopping from the comfort of your own living room sounds like the perfect option, but when buying larger pieces such as furniture that are more of a considered purchase being able to touch and feel the finish is invaluable. If you don’t fancy fighting your way through the crowds at sale time, then do your homework pre-sale and check out all the options at quieter times so you can shop the sale online. It is important to remember though not everything will be in the sale so have a few options if possible. Top tip: Look out for retailers that offer a Price Match Guarantee and Free Delivery.