wineRacking it up

If you drink a lot of wine at home, then wine storage is a consideration. Wine consumption in the home has seen an up serge in recent years since the decline of the traditional pub.

Wine was traditionally stored on its side because it was said to prevent the cork from drying out however this theory has been disproven by scientists in recent years. Storing bottles on their side however has the added advantage that you can make better use of the space available to you. Standing bottles vertically in an existing piece of furniture such as a sideboard is limited by the height of the bottle as they do not stack.


Elegant and efficient

However you choose to store your wine collection, if you are doing it in one of the main living areas then it needs to be elegant and efficient. There are lots of purpose made wine storage solution pieces of furniture available on the market – some on view and some behind closed doors. Check out the Clifton Oak Painted Wine Table from Hallowood Furniture, Normal Price: £179 discounted at the moment down to just £129. With four shelves to the cabinet, with specially crafted racking to house wine securely and neatly, the unit can hold 16 bottles. In addition to this, there is the added benefit of a handy drawer, sitting above the wine racks – perfect for storing items away neatly.

Top Tip: With many versions of wine cabinets available to purchase ensure you can choose the ideal one to fit the space you have and your wine consumption rate.


Show off your collection

If you are a wine connoisseur, then you may be looking to show off your wine collection. Dependent on the number of bottles you would like to have on show a tabletop tiered wine rack for your finest collection may be of interest. The Waverly Wine Rack is a stylish piece of furniture allowing you to store your wine in style and in a neat way. Ideal for use on a sideboard or dresser in the dining room or placed in a corner of your kitchen's worktop. Available in a 2 tier holding 6 bottles and a 3 tier holding 9 bottles this practical range of solid oak wine racks come ready assembled so no construction is necessary - Waverly 2 Tier Wine Rack is currently available for just £29.

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