What is your style?

When buying furniture for your home knowing your style is the most important part. Where and however you source your furniture putting the pieces together is an art. Some people choose to buy straight from the pages of a magazine whilst others choose to put together pieces from different sources. Do you know what your style is?



Traditionally styled furniture sometimes gets a raw deal, named as fusty and outdated, but in reality, traditional means familiar and tends not to look dated as quickly as its contemporary counterparts. Often produced in a darker finish traditional furniture has a timeless and sophisticated style that will give a homely feel to any house.

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Contemporary styled furniture is just as its states, contemporary and hence is high fashion. High fashion items sometimes command a higher price point just because they are on trend and more in demand. Built after the 19th century this style of furniture is heavily influenced trends from all walks of life including the catwalk runway.

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If you have quirky style then usually you know it – looking for feature pieces that will bring that dramatic style to your home. Eclectic, quirky design is not defined by a set of rules, the quirkiness comes from experimenting.


What ever your style is... Own it!!