monchique nestMore than just a side table?

Side tables or to give them their correct term Occasional Tables are the most useful piece of furniture as they can be used all over the house…

Living room is the most obvious place – next to Sofas and armchairs make the ideal place to place a cup of tea whilst watching the telly.

There are a variety of sizes of occasional tables – some of the smaller ones are originally intended as stools but just worked so well as a table – so maybe an occasional table can be used as a seat if needed (obviously that is weight and strength dependent but could be useful even if only for a child to sit, freeing up other chairs for an adult).

In the Playroom occasional tables are very useful. My son used our occasional table as a mini dining table when he was younger – it was the perfect size for him to sit at to eat his dinner, do colouring or play a game. He then graduated onto the coffee table that was larger and a little higher and now he is at the dining table.

Talking of dining, occasional tables can be great in a Dining room as an additional table space when you have guests over and have lots of dishes, glasses etc.

In the Bedroom occasional tables make great bedside tables. If you have plenty of other storage and don’t need drawers, then they can also be a much cheaper option.

In the Hallway an occasional table can be used by the front door to put your post on, or a plant. Often the smaller dimensions are perfect for smaller places.

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