Nesting is it in fashion?

Is the nest of tables back, or did it never really go out of fashion?

This practical addition to the living room was originally the height of fashion in the drawing rooms of the 18th century, and has featured ever since in one guise or another.

 Camberley Nestlondon nestDevon Nest

As a child, I spent hours sitting on the tuffit (our name for a footstool pouffe) at my Nan’s middle-sized nesting table, drawing, playing games and my ultimate favourite playing with her button tin. My son some 30+ years later still does exactly the same thing whenever we visit Great Nanna’s on the same nesting table. One might suggest it is a waste of a perfectly good table to have it tucked away for the ‘just in case’ moments and some people do buy a nest and use them as individual tables around the house in permanent use.

 Nest 1nest 2Venice nest

The real beauty of a nest of tables is that the largest table can be used as a lamp or side table, and the smaller nesting tables fit underneath; only to come out if, and when needed. Ideal for smaller rooms where space is at a premium. I find it very handy to have a nest of tables for when we have guests – a convenient stow away surface to put drinks and tea plates on, especially if you do not have a central coffee table as some people are minded to putting cups on the carpet and potentially spilling them.

 Everest Nest

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