Does all your furniture match or do you have an eclectic taste?



Unless you are starting a fresh these days it tends to be very rare that one can buy a full suite of furniture for a room. If you are like me then your house it a bit of a hotch potch of different furniture pieces that have come from a variety of places – some inherited, some chosen and some donated... but does it matter?



Getting the look that you want is most important and to be honest there are a few ways to tackle it:


london bedroom1) Go out and buy a fresh

This of course, money aside, would probably be the most favoured option. You could of course sell all your existing furniture to giv yourself a money pot to buy new. However, if that is not an option then you can get the look of a complete new suite of furniture by replacing the main important pieces and then replacing the smaller items one by one as budget allows. Top tip – When taking this approach make sure you speak to the manufacturer and check they are not just about to discontinue this range or make major style changes like the handles or leg shape.


Handle2) Go with the flow

Look at what you have and go with it – enhance you room by pulling together similar pieces. You could go the whole hog and replace handles so that all pieces have the same style.


3) Upcycle / Repurpose

This can be much easier than it sounds today with a variety of online auction sites and Social groups such as, Ebay, Gumtree,  Facebook market place and Shpock. If you have a chosen style already then you can search by product brand name to find matching pieces online. Bring together your look with a definite colour pallet and it can look fab.