Moving timesTime to get Thinking...

It may be a little (Ok quite a lot) cold outside and we are spending more time indoors at this time of year so why not use this to your advantage and cosy up by the fire and make some plans… Statistics show that Spring is the traditionally said to be the best time to sell your house, and naturally follows that in Spring we do most of our house renovation and decorating projects.

The Christmas period can be a time when our homes are stretched to the seams and that can be what’s gets us thinking about what needs to change to make it better.

for sale signMove or improve?

So, the first question has to be do we move or improve? Moving home is widely considered to be one of the 3 most stressful things we can do in our lives along side getting married and having children. Moving also has hidden expense that is often not considered until after the fact – estate agents fees, surveys, moving cost such as van hire, boxes or luxury of luxury a company to move us… But on top of all that – will your existing furniture fit in your new home? Will you want to decorate your new home to make it home? Sometimes the costs of moving can greatly out weigh improving your existing property.

Better use of space

How could you make better use of space in your existing home? Could you re-purpose an un-used, un-loved spare room into a home office or play room? Could storage solutions help you to live better within your existing space? Could the right scale furniture look better and work better in your home?

When looking at new build homes for example, the show home always looks so spacious, but in reality, the building companies employ specialist dressers to find furniture that is on the smaller side so you can see a bed, wardrobe, bedside table etc, etc in the box room where as in reality our furniture may not fit. Check out the Hallowood Waverly Oak range - designed with smaller spaces in mind

Top Tip – always take a tape measure with you when viewing houses – a reality check is always handy.

cluttered garageExpand into unutilised space

Do you have a garage that is not used other than for storing junk? Do you have an attic space that could become an additional bedroom? Is the space under the stairs large enough to fit in a down stairs loo? Looking at your house with fresh eyes could give you oodles of space you never realised you had. In most cases builders etc will give a free quotation and most DIY stores have loads of brochures etc for you to get great ideas. Maybe even a cheeky look on the internet at homes for sale that are similar to yours and see what they have done. Often staying put and improving and or expanding what you have can be more cost effective.