Are you dressed for success?Devon Dressing Table

One’s morning routine is somewhat engrained and for me one key element of that is the ritual of applying my makeup and for that a dressing table plays a key part. Not only a place to apply but also store my makeup, hair spray, perfume and the like, so storage space is paramount.

Dressing tables come in a variety of different shapes and sizes; some with drawers, mirrors, and stools too. It is always a good idea to find one that has lots of storage space, ideally drawers – big or small, the more the merrier!


When it comes to organizing your dressing table there are a few tips and ideas for small tables:


Use space well. If you don’t have a lot of space – why not use the wall! For example, you can make the most of the smallest place but putting a mirror above a shelf.  


Good lighting is key! The application of make up with adequate lighting can leave you looking like a Gene Simmons from Kiss! I have always wanted the theatre style illuminated mirror but make do with a table lamp.


All dressing tables need plugs – in my case enough is never enough, what with hair dryer, straighteners, curling tongs, a lamp, phone charger and more… So, when thinking of the position for your dressing table make sure there are plugs.


The smaller the space the more organised you will need to be. Separate drawers with dividers to create a clear space for a variety of different things – this will help you keep things right at hand.


Everything should be reachable especially if you are seated – there is nothing more inconvenient to be hunting around for things or reaching round the back of things.

london dressing tabledressing tabledressing table2


The surface of your dressing table needs to be wipeable –  Makeup spills can leave a mark unless they are wiped away. Top tip - a piece of glass on the surface of your dressing table is not only opulent but also practical.