When literally living life in the fast lane who really has time for dusting??? So why make life hard for yourself I say; why not try living behind glass.


A house is not a home without objects that show glimpses of our personality, things we have collected along life’s highway, family photos and some useful stuff too; but these things can also be dust collectors too. Display cabinets with glass doors can be just the job to help reduce exposure to dust. Don’t get me wrong you don’t get away without dusting altogether, but by displaying your nik naks behind glass it reduces the frequency you need to dust.

 waverly corner display cabinetTewkesbury Highboard CabinetDevon display cabinet

Display cabinet – the clue is in the title, to get the best look you need to display your items. When styling your display cabinet:


Display Your Treasures


There is limited space so use it wisely and choose the pieces that you want to showcase and give them prime spots. Treasures don’t have to be china or trophies, books, artwork and ornaments can take pride of place too.


You can choose to have a theme per cabinet to give some synergy to your display. Grouping objects by colour, style and age can give a display impact, but don’t forget the old design rules:



  • An odd number of objects always looks better than even.
  •  3 colours maximum to get a co-ordinated look
  • Arrange according to size and place smaller items at the front.


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