OMG The night before a delivery… Will it fit into my house?


Whilst we all think about fitting furniture pieces into the room of your choice but, do we more importantly think about actually getting them in to the house? The answer is usually no… we assume and we all know what assuming does…

So, what do I need to think about?

Do you have an awkward driveway or a postcode that is hard to find?

For most of us it isn’t the case however if you live in the middle of nowhere or even on a new housing estate the postcode maybe harder to find than you think. Its worth checking out your postcode on google to see what it brings up - If there is an issue let us know at the point of order so we can make your delivery as smooth as possible.


Will your order fit through the front door and internal doorways when it’s delivered?

Standard doorways are 2ft 6” wide by 6ft 6” tall, but as we all know whilst it may look standard, it very well may not be. Its definitely worth measuring before delivery as there is nothing more frustrating than your new furniture being stuck out on the driveway.

 tape measure

Do you have Immovable objects that may get in the way?

Sometimes we don’t factor in the objects that are going to get in the way of your furniture's journey to your room of choice. Fitted cupboards, low ceilings, turns in the stair, bannisters and radiators all need to be measured and accounted for if you want to be sure. Please note that most of our furniture comes fully assembled so access will be key – Bed Frames, Dining Tables and Wardrobes as a rule require some assembly but even so the pieces are generally large so make sure you measure up if you have an awkward access.


On the day… If the very worst happens and your new furniture won’t fit in on delivery day, please do talk to us.


Our expert staff are sure to come up with a great alternative – we will search our huge range of products and use all the expert knowledge to try and get you something to fit. For expert advice from people who help with measurements every day, please call Customer Helpline - 01684 218924 (Lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) - Our staff will be more than happy to help.