Are you sitting pretty?chair


The dining experience is won or lost by the comfort of the chairs – even 5 star cuisine can be marred by an uncomfortable seat (not that my cooking gets any more appealing even on the finest chairs)!!


When choosing dining chairs there are a few key factors:



What is your style? Are you looking for that fashion statement, or is it practical need that wins the day? Your home life can dictate – pets and young children can mean that a wipe clean leather option is better.



As already stated to me this should be top of your list when choosing chairs – after all a dinner party or family board game can see you sitting for a long while.



Chairs do need moving and weight is a consideration especially if you are of advancing years. There is a considerable weight difference between different types of frame – Solid Oak tends to be heavier than a soft wood frame.


Arms or no arms

A carver chair is traditionally at the head of the table – useful if you need a helping hand to stand but chair arms require an additional six inches, so bear this in mind in limited spaces.


Do they fit under?

If your dining space is a busy place then think about the space the chairs will take up – do they fit underneath the table? If you are limited on space then maybe consider a bench that fits snuggly under the table.  

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