Shoe Storage Frustration

18 Dec 2020 16:56:00

shoesFinding your feet

When the weather is so wet outside the first thing that you do is kick off your shoes, so whether they be shoes, wellie boots, boots, heels, flats, sandals, slippers etc…. They can just take over your hall/entranceway!!

Do you have a Storage dilemma?

If you need to control the shoes, rather than letting the shoes taking over then the right kind of storage is important. 

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Storage wars

1 Dec 2020 17:04:00


Christmas can always seem to make us feel the pinch, not only in our wallets but also in our homes. As the Christmas decorations go up our houses the festive cheer is great, but after a while it can start to feel cluttered. In a normal year most of us have relatives and friends popping over to help us celebrate the festive season – this is the time when we realise our homes inadequacies – not enough bedrooms, seats at the dining table, seats in the lounge, no separate children’s play space…. It is no wonder the most popular time for moving is the spring.

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Stool for choice

30 Nov 2020 13:33:00

Bring out the Stools

In the Uk we are huge fans of kitchen diners and especially if space is available the kitchen island. Finding the right bar stools to complete your kitchen island or breakfast bar space is absolutely essential, but where do you start when there are sooooooo many available on the market? First its best to start with the features that are most important to you - comfort, high back, low back, no back, stacking… hard to choose, especially when you want them to last for years to come.

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Not so Heavy Metal…

This year has seen an increase in the trend towards metal framed / legged furniture. Leading on from the interior trend of geometrics, we are seeing more cage frames and exposed structural elements appear across furniture ranges making metal one of the key styles of the year.


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Cosy nights in

23 Oct 2020 19:40:08

The house is heating up

As we prepare for the clocks to go back and the nights draw in it is inescapable that the days and nights are going to get cooler and we will start to heat our homes. In our house I will admit that the central heating is already on!! But other than the fact that we may have a hefty bill, and it’s bad for the environment but it’s also so not so good for natural wood furniture.

Au natural

The natural wood in our homes tends to dry out when we unnaturally heat it with central heating. That applies to the structural timbers in the construction of our homes such as floorboards and joists, and also our furniture.

The natural grain and colour variations of real wood that make it so special also can be its down fall when heated. When in its natural state outside the wood grain

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Its been a long week…

9 Oct 2020 20:43:57

Is it Wine O’clock yet?

Due to covid-19 most of us have been drinking at home more recently rather than going out to socialise. Alcohol storage is always a contentious issue – do you display or hide away.

To stand up or not?

If you drink a lot of wine at home, then wine storage is a consideration. Wine consumption in the home has seen an up serge in recent years since the decline of the traditional pub and covid-19 has increased it even more so. Wine unlike spirts traditionally was stored on its side because it was said to prevent the cork from drying out however this theory has been disproven and the introduction of screw caps has changed the rules.

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Soooooooo Many SHOES!!!!!!

22 Sep 2020 20:20:51

Storage dilemma

There are so many types of footwear….shoes, wellie boots, boots, heels, flats, sandals, slippers etc…. They can just take over!! According to Lady magazine the average woman owns 34 pairs…. Really?? I certainly don’t own 34 pairs of shoes, but in our 3 person household there are easily 34 pairs between us. In order to control the shoes, rather than the shoes taking over, I follow these steps:

Seasonal swap

There are some all year rounders such as slippers, school shoes and trainers, but other than that the shoes in our house are split into seasons 

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Busy bathroom?

10 Sep 2020 18:48:07

Guide to bathroom storage

Do you have a growing family and just one main bathroom? Endless amounts of beauty products and no where to store them? You need a bathroom cabinet that will provide a stylish and functional way to keep toiletries, spare loo roll and much more hidden away from view! If your bathroom is more chaotic than calm, then follow this step by step guide to bring your haven back:

Clear away the clutter

First of all you need a serious tidy up, and by that I mean stripping everything out of your bathroom that’s not fixed down. Now that probably will result in you finding that you have multiple bottles, miss matching towel and a random amount of stuff that you may not really need.


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Get the beach feeling at home

26 Aug 2020 13:48:54

All beached out?

With most of us plumping for a UK based holiday this year, the UK tourist economy starts to make its long overdue recovery. Whilst the UK may not be as sunny as the Med, we have been extremely fortunate with some lovely weather and made some great memories. With the sound of the sea still ringing in our ears, coming home to everyday life (even if it’s the new ‘Norm’ that no one is yet quite sure of) can be a little disappointing.

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Get the hotel feeling at home

12 Aug 2020 13:46:25

Hotel Chic at home

In these unprecedented times there are thousands of disappointed people across the UK who have had their foreign summer holidays cancelled due to Covid-19. But that lovely feeling you get when walking into a hotel doesn’t have to be exclusively at the hotel… now I am not for one moment suggesting that you add a reception desk to your home but why not bring that feeling home with these great tips on hotel styling at home.

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